The Best Wordpress Hosting

WordPress is by far the most popular Content Management System (CMS) on the planet, with global market share north of 36% (according to The next most popular CMS is Drupal with a relatively paltry 4%. Little wonder then that there is a great deal of interest in the best WordPress hosting companies.

On this page we present you with the best WordPress hosting providers suited for everyone from bloggers and small business up to enterprise users. We considered more traditional hosting companies who offer hosting for any type of CMS as well as the WordPress specialists. Read on to find out who offers the best solution for your requirements.

Best Overall WordPress Host

Editor's Pick
We selected WPX as the best overall WordPress hosting company because they offer such an exceptional level of service and value for money. WPX is a managed WordPress hosting specialist so they only host WordPress sites. We especially like WPX because they have plans starting at just $24.99/mth which is affordable to just about any serious blogger or small business.

WPX Hosting Combined Web Rating

We found 3654 reviews across the web with an average normalized rating of 4.86/5

Pricing aside, the thing that really sets WPX apart from the other dedicated WordPress hosting providers is their level of service. We have been hosting our own WordPress sites with WPX for >3yrs now and we have never experienced better service from any other hosting company. The don't offer phone support, but their chat support is available 24/7 and their first line support are all experts in WordPress and empowered to fix any problem that comes up. We have never had an issue that wasn't fixed within minutes and that counts for a lot when you are run every aspect of your website yourself.

And with standard features like automated backups and easy, self service recovery, free malware removal and free migrations, we can't mark them down for anything. Check out our full review for more details.

WordPress Hosting Alternatives

Best WordPress Hosting for Bloggers

Editor's Pick
Bloggers usually work solo and especially when they are getting started budget is a big consideration. With budget options you would usually expect to compromise on features, performance or support, but with SiteGround that compromise is minimized. SiteGround offer exceptionally cheap entry level shared WordPress hosting, but still manages to deliver a cery high standard or service and technical performance.

Siteground Combined Web Rating

We found 16665 reviews across the web with an average normalized rating of 4.78/5

Browse enough SiteGround reviews and you will start to see some common patterns which underpin their very high average rating. Their service and support team is very responsive and knowledgeable, and they routinely outperform the competition in technical performance comparisons.

SiteGround is an independant hosting company that knows they will live or die based on their performance and support. Their entry level shared hosting plans start at just $10.49/mth for a 3 year contract, though depending on the time of year you will usually find some big first year discounts available. We've seen pricing at $2.95/mth for the first year. For more details check out our full review...

Best WordPress Hosting for Small Business

Editor's Pick
If you are a small business owner you probably have three main needs from your hosting provider. First, you want something that is rock solid and reliable. You don't have time to be worrying about your server going down or the site being offline line. And second, when you do have a problem (which is inevitable at some stage) you want to know that their support will be prompt, knowledgeable and helpful. And of course, you are a small business, so budget is also a consideration. We think that WPX delivers better than any other WordPress host on all three of these requirements.

WPX Hosting Combined Web Rating

We found 3654 reviews across the web with an average normalized rating of 4.86/5

We are huge fans of WPX which is why we use them exclusively for our own WordPress hosting requirements. Many Reviews itself is not a WordPress site but we do run a number of our own WordPress websites and some for clients too, and they are all hosted on WPX. The reasons we choose to use WPX are the same reasons you should too...They are a dedicated WordPress hosting company, that's all they do, so their hosting platform is tuned specifically to suit fast and reliable WP powered websites. Their service is exceptional. We don't often need to contact support, but when we do they have always been able to quickly solve our issues. Some hosting companies have less knowledgeable first line support, but all WPX support technicians are WordPress experts, technically savvy, and empowered to do what is required to fix issues right away. And finally, their pricing is very affordable for small businesses. You can certainly find cheaper options, but for a few extra dollars WPX provides a super robust and professional service that we think is second to none in its class.

Best Enterprise Class WordPress Hosting

Editor's Pick
If you are a large enterprise or run a WordPress website that gets alot of traffic then you need a web host built to support that level of business. We're not just talking about traffic here either. Enterprise users have other needs also, like the ability to synchronize development environments, manage automated and manual backups, manage server caching and content distribution networks. Kinsta is our choice for best enterprise WordPress host based on our own experience building and hosting large scale WordPress sites for well known global brands who will not accept anything but the best performance.

Kinsta Combined Web Rating

We found 1256 reviews across the web with an average normalized rating of 4.51/5

We really have tried all the biggest WordPress hosting providers, including other enterprise grade options like WP Engine and Pressidium. WP Engine was our go to for many years, but in the last 3 years we have relied on Kinsta because they do everything so well and have proven themselves for be very reliable.

Kinsta's service is built on top of the Google Cloud infrastructure so you know it is world class. The secret sauce for Kinsta is in the technology stack they've created on top of Google Cloud and the services that they've built to make the development, deployment and management of a global scale website so simple. Creating and synchronizing your development with production couldn't be easier, and you can even choose which elements to push live at any time which is a game changer for busy ecommerce sites where database integrity is paramount. The quality of the Kinsta service and support is reflected in the consistently high user review scores from around the web.

WordPress Hosting FAQs

What Is WordPress Hosting?

WordPress hosting, as the name suggests, is a service available to website owners who need a hosting provider for their WordPress powered website. While WordPress hosting is specifically optimized for WordPress websites, you can run your WordPress site on practically any hosting service. Since WordPress hosting has been optimized to properly run WordPress sites, you will gain access to extra features, which include everything from one-click install to automatic updates.

WordPress hosting works like any other form of hosting. The only way for a website to run on the internet is for site files to be held on a server. Web hosts like WordPress provide site owners with a certain amount of server space that will accommodate the needs of the website in question. Once your website is hosted on a server, it will have access to the internet, which means that users can start entering your website.

What Is the Difference Between Standard Shared Web Hosting and Managed WordPress Hosting?

When you go to sign up for WordPress hosting, you'll find that there are several options available to you, the primary of which include shared web hosting and managed WordPress hosting. Shared hosting is the most affordable type of hosting that you can obtain for your website. When you selected shared hosting, your website will be hosted on a server alongside other websites, which means that you will need to share server resources with other sites.

If you obtain shared WordPress web hosting, you'll still benefit from the optimization that WordPress has done for any WordPress sites that are hosted on the service. In moments of high traffic to your website, however, you may find that slowdown occurs because of resources being shared.

Managed WordPress hosting is a premium version of WordPress hosting wherein the server is managed by a team of WordPress experts. With this form of hosting, you'll benefit from a dedicated server, which means that the server won't be shared with other websites.

The main benefits of WordPress managed hosting include exceedingly quick loading speeds, ample amounts of security, a dedicated support team, and hardly any downtime. Because of the myriad features available with managed WordPress hosting, this service is more expensive than the shared alternative.

How to Change Hosts for a WordPress Site?

If you want to switch hosts for your WordPress website, you can do so by following six steps. These steps include:

1. Choose a new host for your WordPress website.
2. Install a free duplicator plugin on your website for simple migration.
3. Import your site files to your new host, which can be done with the File Transfer Protocol.
4. Create a MySQL database via your new hosting provider. The ability to create this database should be available on the hosting account's dashboard.
5. Run the duplicator plugin to migrate your website to your new provider.
6. Update Domain Name Servers, after which you should be ready to bring your website online.

What Is Headless WordPress Hosting?

Headless WordPress means that you use WordPress for the back end content management while building your own front end and pulling content from the backend WordPress CMS using the various APIs that WordPress has built in. This type of development is beyond your average WordPress webmaster, but is increasingly popular with developers who want to offer users a simple and familiar backend content management experience, while building their own more sophisticated front end experiences, often using modern JavaScript frameworks like React, or Node.js.

So headless WordPress hosting is more or less the same as any other WordPress hosting set up, only the front end will be a fully custom development rather than using one of the standard WordPress theme frameworks. By decoupling the back-end from the front-end, your website can benefit from faster speeds, better security and more sophisticated user experience design.

What Is the Difference Between and Self-hosted WordPress?

There are two different types of WordPress, which include and self-hosted WordPress which can be downloaded for free from Even though you can build a website with both of these services, the features and benefits they provide are completely different.

When you use, you'll be able to create a website for free, which will also be hosted for free. However, customization options are limited. You'll only have access to a small selection of plugins and themes. You'll also find that the structure of your site pages can't be altered to suit your specifications.

Self-hosted WordPress is a fully featured version of WordPress without any of the limitations of's hosting platform. You'll have full control of your website, and customization capabilities are extensive and include access to thousands of themes and plugins that can improve the appearance and functionality of your website. Even the core WordPress files can be modified with self-hosted WordPress.