About Many Reviews

You most likely have reviews for your business or product on Google, Facebook, Yelp and potentially dozens of other websites as well. Have you ever wondered what is your overall average rating across all those reviews? Many Reviews calculates this for you and gives you a badge to display the overall average on your website with a link back to a handy list of all the reviews we've found. For free.

Why should I put Many Reviews on my website?

Research shows that consumers feel more confident about a business the more reviews it has. Consumers do not expect every review to be good, but having more reviews shows that you are well established. With the Many Reviews badge you can demonstrate just how many reviews you have by aggregating them from the many review sites around the web.

How does Many Reviews work?

Many Reviews crawls the web and finds as many reviews as we can. We then normalize all the ratings to a score out of 5 so we can combine the scores and calculate the weighted average rating from all reviews across the web. We then create a badge with this average rating which you can display on your website. This badge will automatically update as we discover new reviews for your business.

Is Many Reviews a free service?

Yes, our basic service offering is free of charge and requires no account or signup to use. We are working on some premium value added features which we will charge for in the future, but the basic service will always be free.

How to get the most accurate review count?

Be sure to search the full business or product name, and for businesses use the exact address. The more accurate your search, the easier it is for us to find reviews for your business or product.

Will the Many Reviews badge slow my site down?

Not at all. The Many Reviews badge is a very small png file (about 6kb) and it is hosted on a global content delivery network to ensure it will reliably load quickly.

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